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Cover Design

 We have a fantastic graphic designer on hand to ensure your dreams of a beautiful cover design are realised. 

Our graphic designer is currently unavailable for any unsolicited work due to the volume of submissions she has already received. Apologises for the inconvenience. Please check this section again in the future for any changes.  

Manuscript Submission

We do not accept plot outlines or chapter summaries, please ensure your novel has been completed to a good standard before submitting.

We only accept a specific set of genres these include paranormal romance, young adult, urban fantasy and fantasy. Unfortunately, we do not accept any erotica, short stories, poems, sci-fi or horror.

We ask that a cover letter (including your background and previous publishing experience), novel word count and the first three chapters of your book be submitted to us. 

We accept email submissions.

Currently, we are not accepting any submissions for 2015, apologies for the inconvenience.


Unfortunately, we are currently not open to receiving any queries or submissions for our services for 2015. Our publishing list for the year has been finalised. 

Apologises for the inconvenience.